Terapeuta Play Therapy jest w świecie dziecka
Terapeuta podczas procesu jest w świecie uczuć dziecka, myśli dziecka, życzeń i planów dziecka. Terapeuta podąża za dzieckiem.


The APAC (Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy) accredited play therapy training provides a consistent and coherent programme across the UK in 12 venues in a collaborative partnership with Leeds Beckett University in the UK, and the National University of Ireland (Galway). In addition we deliver courses in Australia, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and Poland.  The course content is the same wherever you choose to train.  The APAC faculty is used across all locations to deliver the courses in all venues.  The work is examined by the same professional staff and External Examiners. Our play therapy training courses fully meet the UK and International Standards set by Play Therapy UK  (PTUK) and Play Therapy International (PTI). This is a unique and more equitable approach than that used by other play therapy training providers.

Extensive clinical research shows that participants who successfully complete APAC's playtherapy training courses achieve measurable results with the children that are not available from other training programmes.The latest PTUK research shows that our students achieve excellent clinical results as measured by the respected Goodmans SDQ psychometric instrument.  No other course measures clinical outcomes of their trainees' work to the extent that we do. This enables us to predict the performance, overall, of the trainees who successfully complete the courses.  Between 70% and 84% of the children, receiving therapeutic play or play therapy from practitioners successfully trained by APAC show a positive change.  The more severe the problems, the greater the percentage of children showing a positive change.


Chart shows overall improvement of clients after therapy using data from research in 2006 by PTUK. 
- 37% of clients show a significant positive change
- 36% a positive change.
Effectivity depends upon the severity of the problems
- For all children referred 70% show positive change
- For those who are abnormal/at risk 76% show positive change
- For those at considerable risk 82% show positive change
- For those at the extreme 88% show positive change
- between 70% and 88% show positive change

PTI/APAC's Theoretical Model is an integrative holistic model. Integrative because integrates:
- The Play Therapy "Tool-Kit" and wide range of creative arts media
- Non-directive and directive approaches
- Working with unconscious and conscious processes
- Psychological theory with neurobiological evidence
- Practice and research

Holistic Model because contains:
The whole child and their environment


More information about APAC philosophy of traning in Play Therapy you can find here: APAC

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