The Play Therapy therapist is in the child's world
The therapist during the process is in the world of the child's feelings, the child's thoughts, the child's wishes and plans. The therapist follows the child.

Feedback from trainees

  • Reliable and professional training at a high level. In addition to theoretical knowledge, participants have the opportunity to experience the therapeutic process through practical exercises. It was a wonderful time of development and learning in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust. The training not only opened my mind, but above all my heart. I would definitely recommend it to all therapists working with children, It is an honour to join the ranks of Polish Play Therapy therapists.

  • The Play Therapy training gave me, first of all, very concrete tools for non-directive work with children, but also - and this exceeded my expectations - a huge insight into myself. The whole training process was focused on experience, which brought a great deal of new to my way of thinking about the child's process. This is an extraordinary value for me. It was the most concrete, substantive and reliably delivered training on my developmental path so far. Play Therapy is a new quality in my professional practice.  

  • The greatest value of this training is its practical nature. Following the path that a child can experience in the Play Therapy practice is an extraordinary and valuable learning experience.  
  • Participation in the Play Therapy training was one of the most important events in my professional life. Although my previous research into non-directive methods of working with children had given me a vague picture of the child in therapy and the possibilities of accessing his/her resources, it was only during the professional training that this vague picture began to transform, becoming clear, bright and attracting attention and interest. Thanks to the skills acquired during the training, working with children in therapy is no longer stressful due to uncertain methods, but fascinating, thanks to the positive effects observed in a short time through the proven Play Therapy techniques.
  • The Play Therapy training was an intensive process in which I discovered the philosophy of truly non-directive therapy and gained insights into myself. The training also gave me many concrete therapeutic tools to work with the child. I authentically felt that play is the language of the child and toys are the words.
  • I highly recommend the Play Therapy training with Nina. As much as I learned at this training I have never experienced such forms in my life at any training. The training is conducted by a professional with great commitment! I recommend it, because you can learn a lot during the training, experience a lot, meet wonderful people!
  • Play Therapy training combines:

- theory- science and technique
- practice- exercise
- and personal development- psychological
This multidimensionality of the training is its strength and makes one imbibe the approach by transferring it into personal life.

  • This multidimensionality of the training is its strength and makes one imbibe the approach by transferring it into personal life. This training has developed me a lot as a therapist and as a person. An extremely inspiring and valuable experience.
  • In this training you first become a person and then a therapist. For me it was a very developing experience.
  • The play therapy training is a milestone in my workshop as a therapist. I learnt both a lot of new techniques that I use every day in my work, as well as gaining a ton of practical information about myself.


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