The Play Therapy therapist is in the child's world
The therapist during the process is in the world of the child's feelings, the child's thoughts, the child's wishes and plans. The therapist follows the child.

Teaching methods

Trainees will learn roles and responsibilities in the therapeutic relationship through exercises and working with other participants.

70 % of the training time will be exercises.
Learning will be experiential and collaborative with other trainees.
Direct experience will be gained by participants in pairs, small and large working groups, through role play, observation, participant observation and case presentations.
Working in diverse groups will also provide a basis for exploring one's own personal and professional potential.
Work on the theoretical basis will be kept to a minimum and will take place in small groups.
The reading of course material and the completion of assignments will consolidate the material from the experiences during the training. Tasks will be the subject of group discussions on the following training days.

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