The Play Therapy therapist is in the child's world
The therapist during the process is in the world of the child's feelings, the child's thoughts, the child's wishes and plans. The therapist follows the child.

Training objectives

The overarching aim of the training is to enable trainees to practice safely in child therapy and to use play therapy skills effectively in a variety of settings. The training will enable the therapist to support the child in overcoming both minor and moderate problems. During the training, participants will mainly learn how to use the Play Therapy Tool-Kit. Upon completion of the training, each participant should:

  • be able to communicate with the child using therapeutic techniques from the "Play Therapy Tool- Kit" including: creative media, sandbox therapy, drawing and painting, movement, drama, storytelling, creative visualisation, puppets and clay
  • be able to set up your own therapy practice
  • learn practical skills to conduct an individual Play Therapy session with a child
  • be able to observe and analyse the child's posture and movements
  • be able to prepare an individual creative visualisation for the child
  • be able to write a therapeutic story
  • enable the child to express their emotions through clay, puppets
  • properly understand and apply the principles of Play Therapy
  • have the capacity to assess the child's needs
  • have the ability to create an environment conducive to therapeutic play
  • achieve confidence in using therapeutic play with children and adolescents
  • learn practical therapeutic skills for conducting therapeutic play
  • recognise, understand and appreciate the ethical issues involved in treating children
  • have knowledge of child psychology
  • have knowledge of attachment theory and child development theory and the ability to use them in a therapy session
  • find answers to questions that arise in child therapy
  • be aware of their own process and development
  • gain knowledge of themselves

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