The Play Therapy therapist is in the child's world
The therapist during the process is in the world of the child's feelings, the child's thoughts, the child's wishes and plans. The therapist follows the child.

Training programme

The comprehensive and coherent training programme is based on the therapeutic competences defined by Play Therapy International as an international standard. Module descriptions: the sequence and content of the modules may vary slightly between trainings. Differences are related to the cultural adaptation of the training.
Module I - Introduction to Training; Getting Started in Therapeutic Work with Children; The Therapeutic Play Continuum; Creative Visualisation; Creating Your Own Therapeutic Practice.
Module II - Music Skills for Individual Therapy with Children and Adolescents; Attachment Theory
Module III - Therapeutic Storytelling and Puppet Work Skills for Individual Therapy with Children; Comparison of Theoretical Models of Psychotherapy
Module IV - Sandbox Therapy Skills in Individual Therapy and Theory Related to Sandbox Therapy; Use of Natural Materials; Child Development Theory (Part I); Individual Therapy Through Art
Module V - Dance and Movement Skills in Individual Therapy, Student Presentations; Conclusion

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